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Adventures in Storyland
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25th-Sep-2008 06:29 pm - yeah .. i'm alive
haven't posted on here in.... AGES it seems!

I'm still alive and kicking.  kickin' mostly.  lots of work, lots of travel, and i'm really loving it all.

I'm heading to disney tomorrow.... for 4 days.  first real vacation in about 4 years.  one where i haven't tacked on to a conference.  go me!

more stuff going on, perhaps when i get a chance I'll post about it.

btw.... dom, i told that dude you were embarassed to reveal what you did for a klondike bar, and told him I have photos of you in that yoda mask :P
20th-Apr-2008 07:53 am - Houston.... We've Got a Problem LOL
white shirt smile
After 8 years... I'm heading back to Houston, TX.  Never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually looking forward to it.  Inhaler's packed because undoubtly I'll take an attack.  Got my hat, unfortunately not enough room in my suitcase for my boots - Only going till Tuesday.

I'll be on the complete opposite side of Houston than where I use to live.

Anyone know if Gambit's back from Iraq?  Is he back in Houston?  Would love to touch base with him!
12th-Feb-2008 04:21 pm - Barack Obama on 60 Minutes
white shirt smile

great interview with Obama :)
white shirt smile
I'm an idiot so you all know - was playing around in YouTube and well.... this posted here. didn't realize it blogged to my LJ .. but figured oh well!

Very informational video about just what is involved when you bail someone out of jail.
white shirt smile
The past 12 or so years there has been so much political discord. Red State Blue State, Left Wing, Right Wing... political talk radio, jib jab pieces, close elections, majority house/senate changes..... are you tired of all the sniping? Tired of all the crap - let me tell ya, I am. I'm tired of no one getting things done and i'm tired of Pelosi blaming Bush and Bush blaming everyone else.

Last night there were two very good speeches .... Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama. If you've ever listened to either one of these candidates they very rarely pull party lines in their messages - something refreshing for a change. When you compare it to Hilary Clinton's ... who remarks "and Republican's who've seen the light"..... it's obvious that certain political candidate just do not "GET IT". That everyone's sick of that type of nonsense.

Mike Huckabee's speech was great. But Barack Obama's speech - it just rocked, it rocked the house.... it made me want to believe this man is what our country needs. As a Republican, honestly, that's a real eye opener. If you call it seeing the light or you call it wanting to vote for a candidate who truly is about uniting and changing the direction of the country.... I still think everyone needs to take the 14 minutes and watch this speech, no matter what side of the fence you pitch your fork.

yeah.. it's been a while.... life's been really crazy busy for me.  the new job is just so much fun and just everything I wished it could be.  have just been so absorbed in work ... other things just seem to have not been as important.

last night though.. sitting in the bar, listening to different friends do karaoke, one of my friends did a song that just threw me.... and just sunk my heart.... gah, it wasn't anything devastating, just enough to make me think about stuff.... and wonder, and look at where i am now.... work, and friends and just life otherwise..... and why life always brings me in circles LOL

just thinking... just life... and just wondering

so... who's going to friendsgiving!?
9th-Sep-2007 09:11 pm - MTV VMA's
WOW... ummm.. WOW.... just ... uh BAD.. just BAD

I was just scanning through through the channels... and i come upon the MTV Video Music Awards...
Brittney Spears was ummm dancing around in this underwear thing... LYPSYNCHING (of course), very visably lypsynching

People in the audience looked like they were being tortured and didn't know what to make of her appearance

But then some comedian gal came out ... and WOW... umm.. did this Sarah Silverman chick... totally and i mean totally dissed Britney... wow

Dude... it's like Brittney is now a pirahria

Updated: Hmmm... seems like I am not the only one thinking along these lines - FoxNews and MSNBC are carrying this story from the associated press.
31st-Aug-2007 11:44 pm - For Those Who Write FanFiction
I found the fact that some of my colleagues in my work industry didn't know about FanFiction.net a little amazing.
I've known about it for years - mostly due to Onxy/Crystal and her love of writing FanFics...
I guess I take all this exposure to various parts of life for granted sometimes.

btw... next post, (probably tomorrow) i'll have a little update on me :)
If you can't wait that long check out "Li's Announcements"
The post tomorrow will be friends locked.
6th-Aug-2007 05:10 pm - county fairs....
white shirt smile
so, i'm really loving my new camera.... Saturday to take my mind off of things i set out on two adventures...
the first was to the schuylkill county fair.... to see all my pictures check out my schuylkill county fair photo collection

but this one is just for Suze!
1st-Aug-2007 06:41 am(no subject)
chillin seal
wow.... my sister has entered into the world of "Web 2.0" and signed up for a Flickr account!
*nearly faints*

yes.... there are times when my father is more "computer" inclined than my younger sister LOL
but to her credit, she isn't the least bit squeamish when it comes to blood, innards and operations ..... where I am!
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